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The Vietnam Wars: 50 Years Ago - Two Countries Torn Apart

The Vietnam Wars: 50 Years Ago - Two Countries Torn Apart

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LIFE's vivid coverage of the war in Southeast Asia, waged on the campuses and at the conventions at home as well. Larry Burrows was the first photographer to document a war primarily in color with the new printing methods of the 1960s that allowed LIFE to developed a way to accommodate more color pages. The pictures are as arresting today as they were in their time, and all of that photography will be here in this stunning, commemorative volume. This special book will also include new interviews with veterans, a special photo essay on the history of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, a pictorial report on unified Vietnam today, a revisiting of LIFE's editorial treatment of the war, an account of legendary photographers (Burrows, Robert Capa) lost during the era in Southeast Asia (including a reminiscence by Burrows's son, Russell, and daughter-in-law, LIFE's own Bobbi Baker Burrows), a report on the other photographs that made history (Eddie Adams's execution shot, Nick Ut's "Napalm Girl," including Joe McNally's revisit with the grown woman in Canada, exclusively for LIFE).

Hardcover, 175 Pages

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